Thursday, March 26, 2009


We recently stayed at JohnDel Beach Resort in Nasugbu. We won't forget the experience because at around 3:30 to 4:00 AM, one of the three rooms we were staying at, was robbed while my cousins are asleep with their children. Things like PSP, watches, cellphones and cash were maliciously taken considering there are security guards doing their rounds all night long. This is because the beach front of JohnDel Beach Resort is just separated by a bamboo fence without any lights during the night. It is very easy for thieves or worst, kidnappers to enter the premises without being noticed even during daytime when all vacationists are busy having fun. All in all, we lost around 80,000 Php worth of merchandise and cash. The room in front of us where a foreigner (Indian) was staying, was also robbed of 1000 USD and 3000 Rupees and a cell phone. The guy was not drunk therefore could have woke up if somebody tried to enter his room. During the investigation, my nephew (8 years old) told us that during the time of the robbery, he noticed a hand on the window spraying something inside the room. Upon recollection, it is impossible not to wake up if the robbers are inside a small room. Especially when my cousin's wife's cellphone is placed alongside her head with a noisy keychain which was also taken. This must be a new "modus operandi" of robbers in stealing from out-of-towners. Just imagine, if one of my cousins or worst, my nephews woke up that night, what would the thieves have done. Maybe they had knives or guns. They didn't stand a chance. We also learned that a guest from a neighboring beach resort was also robbed by the same thieves who incidentally was a visitor of the Mayor of Nasugbu. Scary!!!

The owner and manager are insisting that it was the security agency's fault and therefore is liable for the loss and damages done to us. I believe not, as from the start, I was transacting with JohnDel Beach Resort. Not with the security agency. Therefore, the resort is liable. The management did not even want to return our payment accommodation for the robbed room giving us only 1000 Php back, but upon insisting, they returned it. To hell with them.

Summer time is here again, and many bakasyonista's are now planning to go to the beach. A WORD OF CAUTION. DO NOT STAY AT JOHNDEL BEACH RESORT. OR BETTER YET, DO NOT STAY NI NASUGBU, BATANGAS. Not only your things are in danger, but your lives as well.


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